Lets start off with a bang

Lets start off with a bang

The day we decided to publish this site was the day the eruption started. From what is seems this will be a calm, tourist friendly eruption. There has not been an eruptions in this area for 800 year and the volcano experts say it could last for a few days up to 120 years, there is no way telling. The total opposite of the infamous 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruptions, that closed down air traffic in Europe for some time. But after For the last few weeks we have had over 20.000 earthquakes and a few big ones that shook the people of Reykjanes Peninsula and the capital for the last few weeks. Some of the earthquakes were event felt on the south coast and all the way up North.

Eruption in Geldingadalir from Tjarnargatan on Vimeo.

Passion for Travel

Here in Iceland has been an idea that has been brewing for a few years. After working in the fast growing tourism in Iceland, selling tours, planning tours everything from day tours, customised self-drive packages to planning Luxury experiences we have done it all.

But with Covid rocking the world for the past year, tourism came to a dead halt as it should have. We had hoped that Iceland would have been able to keep the virus out, but considering everything we think we have been doing all right. We are hopeful that we can gather all our knowledge and expertise here on this page. Give you tips and tricks and hope fully you will choose us to help you plan your visit to Iceland. ▷

Tinna Gunnarsdóttir - Here in Iceland - Eruption
Photography: Tinna Gunnarsdóttir